The party that never ends…

To know me and my love for parties and family/friend gatherings, you must know about ‘Augfest’!

It all began with my husband and his amazingly large group of guy friends post college.  When I met him, I met them.  I was floored.  How could so many quality guys actually support each other in their Christian faith AND be normal?  And SUPER fun?? These guys, led by a couple party planner types among them, created Augfest.  It was out of necessity….at least half of them had August birthdays and they had to have a big bash every year.  As  I began to understand Augfest and their love for a theme, with everyone enthusiastically coming in costume to match….I started hearing the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’.  Costumes?! Themed parties? Annual tradition?? I LOVED it.

So, of course, I totally jumped into helping plan Augfest (with their permission) and a brainstorm session shortly after I married my husband turned into a plan to make the party into a full weekend event.  My parents live in North Idaho on quite a bit of property so we took it there in August, pitched tents in the yard, and called it ‘Augfest Extreme’.

We’ve done it that way ever since. We’ve added husbands, wives, dogs, children and even invited some of our extended families!  It’s gotten quite large, almost unwieldy at times—our largest turn-out was close to 50 people!  My mom and I  do most of the planning with  much help from the various wives and those party-planner-guys that have been there from the beginning.  We couldn’t do it without the enthusiasm of the whole group!  It’s truly magical to have everyone in the front yard or down at the sandy river island on the property, enjoying each other’s company…and always surprising each other with our crazy costumes for the Saturday night themed birthday party!

Here’s your first of many glimpses into what Augfest looks like.  We’re CRAZY.  But it’s super fun…and a great venue for using my party planning skills!!

This is our first Augfest Extreme.  The year: 2008.  The theme: White Trash!! Enjoy.



2 thoughts on “The party that never ends…

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