I’m craving right now….MARBLE prints!


There are some seriously CUTE ways that marble patterns are being used in party decor out there right now!

Found in my latest web meanderings, here are some of my favs:

1.  What unique chair decorations for a ceremony….or for any party, for that matter! Find them at this Hawaiian wedding on WeddingChicks.com here.

2.  AND do I love balloons? Yes.  Marble balloons? Yes and yes.  Find them on the RuffledBlog.com here.

3.  Maybe for Valentine’s Day?? LOVE a marbled heart for a little party backdrop, look at it closer here.

4.  You can use a table runner like this beauty for any party! So sweet AND sophisticated. Find it by clicking here.

5.  A marble dessert of course!!! This marshmallow is beautiful….and easy to DIY.  See the recipe here.

6.  You know I’m always crushing on balloons, especially jumbo balloons! AND especially jumbo balloons from Geronimo balloons!! Buy it by clicking here.  Oh and it’s called ‘slurpee’.  I love it.

7.  This grey marble cake is so unusual for a wedding…so beautiful!! You’ve gotta see the rest of the decor here.

8.  And I’m always drooling over GREAT party invites…..isn’t the inside of this envelope unexpected and elegant? Look at it closer here.


Enjoy the marble eye candy??


xoxo, erin


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