A Glam Vintage 30th Birthday!


My friend Rebekah was turning 30….and wanted some help going totally “GLAM” for her birthday party! She hoped for a fancy cocktail feel, a little bit throwback…but with some modern elements too.

So we combined a classic cocktail party palette of black and gold and a vintage image of the cutest little martini pin-up gal with some modern touches with hexagons and other geometric shapes!

This party was full of fun DIY’s too! I’m excited to show you the invitation suite…complete with hand carved hexagon monogram stamps. A marquee sign with glitter spray paint that made it even more glamorous! …Hexagon photo booth backdrop…Gold glitter painted champagne glasses…Geometric paper vase covers and party decor pieces…and a hand-lettered party phrase sign above the dessert table!

The party started at their house, everyone all dressed up! Great music playing (a party MUST, in my opinion!), good food and some fun signature drinks! …Then we moved the party by jumping in a party bus (WAAAAAAY too much fun!!!) to a great club just south of downtown Seattle called Aston Manor to finish the night with dancing, per the birthday girl’s request. It was VERY fitting for continuing the vintage theme: countless gold chandeliers, dark tufted leather walls and a 1920s Prohibition theme! We even brought some of our fun jumbo balloons with us — totally hilarious to carry on and off a bus those massive balloons!!

So, here are the photos from that fun night, with some pics of my DIY process for some of the decor to inspire your own glamorous cocktail fete! Cheers!



I had to make my own envelope closures! Turns out you can’t find black envelopes with those type of closures.


I wanted an oval for the frame of the marquee sign, where the lights would go. Why not a big letter “O”!! I pulled the front cardboard off of it, spray painted it gold…then gold glitter spray paint after that dried. After tracing inside the “O” on a piece of black matting, I hand lettered the “Cocktails” lettering with gold acrylic paint inside of that oval and applied some gold flake in a bit of a rough way – to add age. Cutting just a tiny bit outside of that traced oval around the lettering left enough of an edge to glue it onto the middle of the big “O”. Cutting “X’s” evenly around the inside of the “O” allowed for pushed each lightbulb base from a globe light strand through…without the bulbs on of course! Ta-da!!!



My sketch for the flower centerpiece idea…I eventually decided against the crazy sticks out the top! I wanted the focus to be more on the fun black gem sprays I found.

If you can do your centerpieces for any party in white….there’s so many more fresh flower options even at your local grocery store! I think with some practice arranging, they look pretty darn good!!

Did you know that some spray paint is actually FRESH FLOWER SAFE?!?! I only found that out recently! I used Design Master No.731 Brilliant Gold Colortool Spray. You can find it on Amazon here.




For the geometric paper vase covers, I used the Faceted Vase DIY tutorial from Oh Happy Day (find it here.) ….just enlarged the triangles quite a bit and painted cream poster board to get the right gold color. And, of course, glittered a few of those facets!



For those cute gold glittered champagne glasses…we went budget-friendly, with those plastic champagne glasses that I think look perfectly vintage. I covered the rim (so there’s no paint near the parts where anyone might put their mouth. Ew!) with little plastic sandwich bags over the whole top, secured with a rubberband. Then spray painted the bottoms with gold glitter spray paint.


…but for the most glamorous touch, we added edible gold flake to each champagne glass. Adorably floats once champagne is poured!




Incorporating the cute pin-up cocktail girl in the various signage around the party helped keep the theme.

I used the monogram stamps I carved for Rebekah’s invites, to add a little gold to our simple black napkins.

Never underestimate the power of black butcher paper! A hand-lettered sign in gold paint looks fancy even though it’s a simple DIY.

More edible gold leaf on the dessert table!! (Who doesn’t love macarons…but with gold!! I was dying over these)



And I’m sorry, but I can’t have a party these days without a fun photo booth area! And the backdrop (once again, black butcher paper…really budget friendly, but big impact!) helped decorate (and fill) their large ceiling space.

Guests could print their photos on our Fujifilm Instax photo printer from their phones using the Instax app! Okay, this is soooo dang fun. And they are little poloroid-looking pics! …the party girl had a photo album just for those pics for people to write on their photos and place there for her to have memories from the evening. You can find that cute little printer on Amazon.com here.
Make sure you let your guests know what your hashtag is for the night!!


…here we are, with our guys. I’m so blessed to have Rebekah as a friend and really enjoyed helping make her 30th glamorous and super fun!!!


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