Party Local: Part 1

This is the start of a new little series I’ve decided to do: Party Local!

I live in the Seattle area, namely Bellevue, and have had a hard time finding great party supplies.  Well, unique and super cool party supplies? I’m not totally sure how to describe what I’m not finding.  But I’ve decided to highlight the GREAT places we do have and how I use what they sell to make my decor unique and super cool (in my opinion, I guess! Haha!)….complete with DIY ideas and tutorials along the way.

You can disagree with me and say my decorations aren’t super cool ;), BUT I do think it’s fun to DIY something more unique from the “usual” or “typical” party supplies that might be available to us. Anyone can do it!

And I have to start with my FAVORITE shop here on the Eastside, in Redmond to be exact:

Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop!


You guys, I am seriously addicted to this place.  It’s definitely my go-to for craft supplies of ANY kind.  They really put a lot of thought into how they arrange the store and the quality of items they carry.  Plus, their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I’ve asked them a million random questions (yes, I brought my Dansko clog in to see if they had any ideas on how to paint it to get the scuffed off iridescent finish back on!…. it worked!).


They’re always featuring new things, even showing their Seahawk pride with an entire section devoted to blue and green right now!



The kids like it too! ….and here’s what I really wanted to find, Valentine’s Day Inspiration!!








I saw these spray paint cans and was inspired by their bright color palette….add in this fun geometric heart print scrapbook paper and it gave me an idea: geometric heart Valentine’s Day party garland! I’m thinking bright neon pinks with black and white accents! I like a little bit funky, unexpected Holiday decor.

I gathered up some neon card stock paper in complementary pinks and berry colors (Ben Franklin has an amazing selection!) and made a garland that’s super easy.


So here’s what you need to make one too:

~brightly colored cardstock in colors of your choice

~black and white baker’s twine


~scotch tape

Use this FREE pdf template I made for you, to print onto your colored paper (each geometric heart is drawn by hand so expect some slight variation….I think it adds to the charm!):  YayPartiesGeoHeartsTutorial

And follow these steps:

1. Cut out the hearts leaving the black edge intact:




2.  Gently fold along the lines of the  geometric angles, only as long as each line goes to give your hearts a little bit of a 3D effect like so:



3.  Arrange your hearts, in any order you choose, on your table to make sure it’s the arrangement you like before taping on the baker’s twine:


4.  Tape the baker’s twine to the backside of each heart in the order you chose, make sure the twine is about 4 inches in length between each heart and that there’s long enough twine hanging on either end of the completed garland to hang. The hearts hang best if the twine is taped at the top of the heart, hiding just under the top cleft:




5.  Hang and have a lovely Valentine’s Day!!



That’s how I used the amazing craft supplies at Ben Franklin to DIY the party decor I wanted!  Go to their website here to explore the store more and see all the fun classes they offer too. Not every Ben Franklin is the same, but ours in Redmond is a true gem and I LOVE it! (Geometric and Vday puns intended)



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