“Me + You”…A Woodsy Valentine Vignette

One thing you have to know about me: I’m infatuated with paper straws.  I have too many.  BUT I find many uses for them, I promise!

I’ve had paper straws in the birch pattern for a while now and knew a good party was coming where they could be used.  And voila! Of course!! What image with birch trees comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? A carved heart, right?

“Me + You”….inside a heart…complete with an arrow through…

Hence my woodsy inspired Valentine dessert vignette. Also, paper straws aren’t just for drinks: look for my DIY paper straw mobile.  Could be made with any straws, in any theme!












DIY rundown // 


Arrows // DIY’d by me from plain wood dowels, covered in washi tape, ‘feathers’ cut and glued on from birch-printed paper

Flower arrangement decorations // Paper printed with birch design, hearts cut out and glued onto striped paper straws

Straws and Wood spoons // Gingham print washi tape accents

Dessert jars // Chocolate cake layered with homemade whip cream for ‘birch’ effect.

Macarons // From local macaron shop Lady Yum (see website here.) Hand painted by me with black gel food coloring for ‘birch’ effect.

Sugar cookies // Baked and decorated by me with white flooded royal icing and hand painted using brushes with gel food coloring mixed with a little almond flavoring to get the watercolor look.

Straw Mobile // Paper straws strung onto baker’s twine, secured on ends by hot gluing two black paper cut-out hearts together with end of straw and end of twine sandwiched between, then tied onto inside ring of wood embroidery hoop (covered with striped washi tape…but have to hot glue down the tape a little bit. Washi doesn’t stick to wood the greatest)

Background canvas // covered in black paper (my go-to cheap ‘chalkboard’!!) and hand drawn tree using Sharpie Paint Pen in white (for larger size writing….most chalkboard pens would work, but they’re too fine tipped)

Garland // Pink gingham printed tissue paper traced and cutout as hearts, folded in half and glued down the middle inside of each other (one flat on a same size heart cut out of cardstock…and 4 more glued ontop of each other down the middle so they fan out…does that make sense?). Baker’s twine taped to backside of the cardstock heart, just below the cleft of the heart. Same size hearts cut out of birch printed paper (I found last year at Ben Franklin crafts in Redmond, WA) and taped similarly onto the baker’s twine, about 3 inches between alternating tissue and birch paper hearts.

I hope you had a sweet Valentine’s Day….may it be about enjoying the ones you love with no crazy expectations!





2 thoughts on ““Me + You”…A Woodsy Valentine Vignette

  1. 1.) I too have far too many paper straws (my husband tries to use them all. the. time. and it’s the WORST)
    2.) This is the cutest idea for Valetine’s Day I’ve seen! Love it!

  2. AllyJeanPippen, thank you for following!! ….and for your sweet comments 🙂 So how do you store or display all of your fun straws? That’s my dilemma…and sadly mine are all tucked away in a drawer for now.

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