Get Lucky!


I REALLY love St. Patrick’s Day (green is my favorite color, my name is Erin, etc…) but I’ve not always been excited about the decor out there for such a fun holiday!

Here’s a few glimpses into my home and how I decorate using a fun mix of modern and vintage. Of course, some of my jadeite collection has to make an appearance…a few vintage St.Patrick’s Day postcards…a vintage green and navy plaid Pendleton stadium blanket…and milk glass to balance the greens! For the modern touches: glassybabies (I am in love with those — especially in a variety of greens!), shamrock paper straws (you know my obsession…), and fresh shamrocks!

And to avoid further questioning: YES, I will be wearing a bra today! #ErinGoBragh

{“Get Lucky” mini gold mylar balloons from Stephanie Shives Studio at Click here to browse her cute shop}







Don’t get pinched today!


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