8 “Good Eggs”

Happy Spring, friends! And Easter is coming up fast…

In recent internet wanderings, I’ve found some really unique and easy DIY Easter Egg projects!


Here’s the deets: Click on the title after each number to go find out more about each egg DIY!

1. Calligraphy Eggs by Oh Happy Day! – – – – – easier than you think: they’ve given you a free calligraphy template to print out on temporary tattoo paper! Just “tattoo” on the egg!

2. Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs by larecetadelafelicidad blog – – – – – Any paper napkin can be decoupaged using Modge Podge or Elmer’s glue onto an egg! So easy and so pretty!

3. Gold Leaf Eggs by little inspiration blog – – – – – I love the pastel dyed colors peeking through!

4. Easter Egg Pinatas by Corner Blog – – – – –  I always love tiny pinatas – these are so dang cute!!

5. Golden Tattoo Eggs by Tattly – – – – – Super easy and really glam!

6. Typography Easter Eggs by lovelyindeed – – – – – Brightly painted and gotta love the hilarious words! I’m still singing “Hip, Hop….”

7. Lines and Letters Eggs by Martha Stewart – – – – – I love the old-school graphic design look to these eggs!

8. Marbleized Easter Eggs by Camille Styles – – – – – with nail polish! I’m always a sucker for marble patterns.

Did you try any of these?



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