Rockin’ Out!

Okay….I’m 6 weeks out from having our 3rd sweet little baby and finally feel good enough to get back to the blog! The fatigue of pregnancy and chasing around (more like picking up after the messes of…) 2 other kids contributed to no blog posts since last Spring. What?!?! I’m so bummed. BUT I’ll try to catch up now.

I DID throw a few super fun parties though since then! So, I’ll work to get those pics and a few details up on here in the next few weeks. In between breast feeding of course.  Yikes! I might, MIGHT have time to brush my teeth maybe too 🙂

For a little summer golf shindig in our neighborhood, we themed the golf and after party with a rock star theme.  There’s costumes involved too, so you know I was pumped about it! Even at 18 weeks pregnant I found a way to ‘rock’ a wig and somehow fit into a “Jem” costume.  Super fun! Here are the pics:


The DIY deets:

  • Made my own marquee sign with foam core board, punched holes around the edges and poked globe lights through…duct taping with black around each one to secure (since I was painting the area black it blended in well).  Printed out letters onto vellum and cut out in rectangles to look like real marquee letters on the board. Hand lettered and painted everything else.  It looked great especially at night!


  • Strung vintage records on fishing line, hung from chandeliers.  Spray painted white paper lanterns with silver glitter spray paint to hang and somewhat resemble disco balls.


  • LOVE incorporating the huge letter mylar balloons! Fitting in “ROCK” and also found huge music note balloons for decor near the dance floor.

This was a very simple party, but with a few easy DIY’s and lots of vintage records….it made it a rockin’ good time!




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