Crazy Pregnant Lady

Scanning through my pregnancy photos….I really don’t have many AND of the few I did take, only one kind: in costume!

What?!? Yes, I guess I had too much fun this pregnancy.  Oh sure, I was throwing up some (not as bad as with the last 2 kids, but still!) and super tired, but I just couldn’t stop planning parties and being goofy with family and friends.

Here’s a look back:



18 weeks // Our “Rockin’ Party” in July….see the post HERE ! I had fulfilled my dream of dressing up as Jem, albeit with a bump in that crazy tight pink dress 🙂 I made my own Jem necklace using Shrinky Dinks – remember those,  fellow children of the 80s?

24 weeks // Little Red Riding hood (Okay, I’m still on the hunt for better photos of this costume) at our ‘Once Upon a Time’ Augfest this past year.  Better pics and blog post on that party coming soon! What’s Augfest, you say? Learn more HERE !

34 weeks // Pierrot inspired clown… for our “CarnEvil” Halloween party. I made the ‘tent’ I wore out of an ivory jacquard tablecloth found at the thrift store.  Added a few black tulle pom poms and voila!  Posting on that party soon too! Can’t wait to show you!!

36 weeks // Pregnant Grannies! LOL….my sweet party-partner-in-crime Heather threw me a fun baby shower for our neighborhood girl friends.  It was right up my alley: costumes (yes, we all dressed up as pregnant grannies! I know! So weird and funny!) and adorable vintage baby decor. One last costume before baby girl came!


Confirmation of crazy? Maybe.  But it made for some great comic relief as this prego body got larger and larger! I think it’ll be fun to show our sweet new little one some day what Mama looked like as she grew in my hilariously costumed-belly.







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