Flamingo Party Ideas!

I know, I know.  You’ve seen so many flamingo….or should I say “flamingle”…parties. But the theme is just so dang charming! I’m still very drawn to it.  And it’s not really going away, it seems.

So here’s my round up of flamingo party ideas that you just might not have seen yet!


And I just have to say, if I designed a flamingo themed party, it would have to be in this color scheme! I love pink and orange together. Maybe a little bit of yellow thrown in!

So here are the links to find everything I’ve  pictured above! Enjoy!

  1. Cake by Sprinkles and Sandwiches . Flamingo cake topper at Shop Sweet Lulu.
  2. Flamingo Marquee Light at  amazon.com .
  3. Flamingo Glasses Acrylic cake topper by CaliforniaLustre .
  4. Mini Flamingos Flower Arrangement by purejoyhome . Find the mini lawn flamingos at amazon.com .
  5. Perfect coordinating colored bar ideas at Sugar and Charm .
  6. Yes! Those are little yard flamingo candles! Find them here at amazon.com .
  7. Translucent Beach Balls in the perfect colors! Idea from this blog. Find similar pool balls in those amazing colors at Beachballs.com .
  8. Paper plates and matching Cocktail Napkins from amazon.com.  Perfect for this color scheme!



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