I’m gonna blame the fact that I was about 36 weeks pregnant this time last year on why this blog post is just now coming to you! Last year’s Halloween Party that I helped plan in my neighborhood was a total blast….

We decided to go with a creep vintage carnival theme….Carn-EVIL!! Certainly, we were excited to use our vintage props but we supplemented with lots of fun DIY projects: table decor like juggling pins made out of assorted bottles, dollar store plastic skulls painted to look like clowns, buckets turned upside-down and painted to look like circus act stands, and large scale black and white posters made out of old photos of oddities made for easy but large-impact wall decor around the room! Not to mention, my fave, the marquis sign I made out of foam core board!

I’ll let the photos do the talking from here on out….and what better costume to cover the large prego belly, than a tent/clown tunic! LOL









At night!!

My party planner partner in crime, Heather, on the left!


Yep, my costume is basically a tent! But it was comfortable…and I actually danced the whole night away!! So fun.





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