Last minute Christmas gift // DIY Pom Pom Wine Charms!


Guys, I just LOVE yarn pom poms.

So when I saw the super colorful and whimsical Pom Pom Tree Topper recently created by Oh Joy!, I instantly started creating a whole party theme around it in my head: garlands, bunches of them hanging from the ceiling, adorning wood utensils, wrapped around cups, napkin holders, etc. etc……….Ha! But back to reality, it came to me that those would be so fun and easy as wine charms!  I honestly haven’t seen them before!

AND it’s last-minute-Christmas-gift time!!  Do you need a gift for the hostess in your life? Or maybe something to snazz up your Holiday gathering? And WHO doesn’t drink wine during the Holidays?? And we all certainly want to keep track of our own glass 😉

So here’s the quick DIY:

  1. Gather the following supplies (in image below, clockwise from yarn): yarn in fun colors of your choice (a different color for each charm you plan to make), scissors, earring hoops like the ones found on Amazon here, flat nose jeweler’s pliers like the ones found on Amazon here, a large embroidery needle, round natural wood beads with hole large enough for yarn to go through and a pom pom maker (the smallest sized one, in this package found on Amazon here. ).


2. Make a small pom pom, following the pom pom maker’s instructions, out of each color. One for each charm. Make sure the yarn piece that you tie around each pom pom is about 12 inches long.


3. Using the jeweler’s flat nose pliers, bend the end of each earring wire up 90 degrees…so it can stay hooked in the “eye” of the wire.


4. Tie one pom pom onto each ear wire as in following photo, with a square knot.


5.  Thread a wood bead onto each tail of the pom pom, using the embroidery needle. After you determine how long you want each tail to hang (I wanted my to be about 2 inches long, and one longer than the other), knot the yarn where you want to bead to rest and trim the yarn just below the knot.



And voila! Make as many different colored pom pom wine charms that you need!

BTW, that Pom Pom party is so happening at some point….








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